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Your Needing To Feel Pain Is Completely UN-Necessary!

We’ve researched & provided a synopsis of the past & still currently happening in the government & private lawsuits, hopefully you can feel their pain, so you don’t want to walk in their shoes…

A major ruling against Target, Target was ordered to pay class damages of $6 million dollars & make good to the National Federation of the Blind for legal fees & expenses.

Which surpassed $3.5 million dollars.



Greyhound was ordered to pay $300k in their failure to comply with Title III ADA.

Greyhound was also forced to pay civil penalty of $75,000, but the kicker, the $75,000 payable within 15 days.



Sued for failure to provide accessibility of apps for mobile devices based on WCAG 2.1 Level AA for its iPhone and iPad apps.

Sued for failure to provide an accessible website, mobile application and accessible online trading platform for customers who are blind.



Sued for failure to provide accessibility of its online grocery delivery website.


H&R Block

Sued for failure to provide accessible web content for their online tax preparation tool, website, and mobile application.


Carnival Cruises

Sued for failure to provide accessible web experiences for their Carnival Cruises, Princess and HollandAmerica websites.,,, MIT and Harvard University

Sued for failure to provide closed captioning on streaming web videos, archived video content and pre-recorded course material.


Weight Watchers

Sued for failure to provide its online and mobile application content and print material in accessible formats for persons with visual impairments.


Domino’s Pizza

Sued in 2016 for failure to create an online ordering system that was accessible to blind users. The lawsuit is still active as of 2019.


50 US Colleges

Sued for being inaccessible to people with disabilities, specifically, users relying on screen readers and other assistive tech.

Patagonia, Ace Hardware, Domino’s Pizza, Aeropostale, Bed Bath & Beyond, PeaPod, Estee Lauder, JC Penny, Home Depot as well as the Kardashian’s are the most recent companies sued by blind plaintiffs, alleging that the retailers’ websites are not accessible to the blind as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).




This is just the tip of the iceberg, & the real problem with telling you about lawsuits & settlement payouts, is that many, a huge percentage aren’t public-record because they were settled out-of-court, quickest & most costly way to just make them go away, but the problems are just beginning, more suits are on the way & you still are required to solve your accessibility issues…


Please Do Not Say It Can’t Happen To You, Because It Can & Ultimately Will, Luck Runs Out!