Lawsuit Explosion!

ADA Lawsuit Explosion The Numbers Are Rising At Light-Speed

What Are The Courts Saying?

While very few cases have been litigated to judgment, several themes relating to website and mobile app accessibility are emerging.

Non-Compliance, What’s The Harm Or Real Risk!


In the case of Hooters, the defendant was actively implementing the agreed-to settlement from the first lawsuit, when the second lawsuit was filed. The court said the prior settlement didn’t matter, and allowed the second case to proceed.

Your Needing To Feel Pain Is Completely UN-Necessary!

Man signing a document next to a gavel

Your Needing To Feel Pain Is Completely UN-Necessary! We’ve researched & provided a synopsis of the past & still currently happening in the government & private lawsuits, hopefully you can feel their pain, so you don’t want to walk in their shoes… A major ruling against Target, Target was ordered to pay class […]