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Becoming digitally-inclusive & compliant with our toolsets, makes your website compliant to varied-degrees – we tailor to all company sizes & to all budgets!

us compared to themADA-Accessiblethe others
complianceWCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, EN 301549 & IS 5568Depends On Project Scope Or Does Not Comply With Legislation
pricingSet & Tailored Offers Ensuring We Always Give You The BEST PriceFrom $500 To $100k Plus A Year Or Low Cost Recur For Minimal ROI
warranty$1,000,000 Warranty Offered*No Warranty protection Offered
secureSHA 512, sub-Resource Integrity, ISO 27001 Certified, GDPR-CompliantMinimal Security To Very Light Protection across the board
legalWe've got your connectionhazy unclear on legal help
technologyalways leading-edgelate to update & add new
MaintenanceYear-Round Protection, Service, tech UpdatesRequires Additional Services Or None Included across the board

Now Lets Talk about the different toolsets & Their Usage & their Affordability

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the goal is your compliance & we stand by a promise.

our managed toolbox solution – $1,000,000 warranty for potential ADA lawsuits.
Yes, we’re that confident!

your necessary Investment - pricing is Transparent with ADA-Accessible

ADA Compliance Toolsets - Semi or A.I. Remediation

  • Semi - Toolset
  • A.I. - Toolset
  • Managed remediation
  • Document remediation
Semi - Toolset

ADA Compliance Toolset

  • For All Business  Sizes :
  • 100 Pages | 1k Pages | 10k Site Pages
  • 10K | 100k | 1M – Monthly Visits
A.I. - Toolset

ADA Compliance (A.I.) Toolset

  • For All Business  Sizes :
  • 100 Pages | 1k Pages | 10k Site Pages
  • 10K | 100k | 1M – Monthly Visits
Managed remediation

ADA Compliance (A.I.) Toolset

  • Unlimited pages
  • Accessibility certificate compliance with WCAG, ADA, EAA & More
  • Accessibility statement
  • $1,000,000 WARRANTY
  • Monthly monitor scan
Document remediation

accessibility specialists test and remediate documents, including :

  • PDFs
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Fillable forms

Toolsets & Additional Compliance Services

For Our Toolsets & 100% managed toolsets & compliance services please click the button & submit your form.

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Pandemic into Post-Pandemic & Beyond…

With billions of people world-wide living with some form of disability(s) & that number is absolute to grow, due to increases in chronic health conditions & with an always aging population, the longer life-expectancies & newly spot-lighted accessibility because of more people going to the internet for refuge in Covid :

  1. to fight against loneliness in distancing
  2. to purchase products & services online because of scarcity & inability to acquire in person during quarantine
  3. for global safety, news & information

Awareness of disability rights garnered exponential-traction not only from individuals with disabilities, but social & advocacy groups around the world & with it – the increase that’s not stopping in accessibility laws & regulations, as well as D.O.J. Enforcement attention & global allowed lawsuits.

A powerful interface displayed on your Web pages offering sophisticated options for your users with disabilities, that remains simple & intuitive for use.

Toolsets have (3) three main remediating adjustments :

  • Navigation Adjustment
  • Color Adjustment
  • Content Adjustment

Come with various languages, to make your site accessible to users all over the world.

Come with an Accessibility Statement & feedback feature to allow your users to share their browsing experience & impressions.

A simple code on your back end using our toolset technology — completely without modification of your site coding.
Your users create an optimum browsing experience suited for their needs using a toolset.
Simply toggling buttons on and off in the menus, so users with disabilities can navigate your website in a friendly & accessible manner, pretty much tailored to each specific need. 
Each toolset offers a rich & easy-to-use interface, comprising varied functions.

According to the American Community Survey (ACS), 20% of the world’s population has difficulties accessing and navigating websites, ranging from motor, visual or auditory impairments to epilepsy or aging.

Having your toolset – whichever you choose, makes your website accessible to individuals with disabilities & will not only increase engagements on your website, but shows you & your business is welcoming & caring towards people. Simply stated, it’s practical & moral.

Look at what your toolset technology covers, a wide range of disabilities, diseases & various disorders.

The system itself was developed in close cooperation with disabled people from a wide range of fields, throughout the development, we realized how different people with different problems surf the Internet, what are their difficulties, & how you as a business can assist & support them.

  • Full or partial blindness, using screen reading software such as NVDA or JAWS.
  • Motor disabilities such as joint injuries, limb amputations & more.
  • Parkinson’s disease (shaking hands – inability to use the mouse).
  • Seniors (With a wide variety of possible disabilities).
  • Epilepsy – flashing animations can cause seizures
  • Cognitive disabilities such as memory disorders, dyslexia, people who’ve been through a stroke, & more.
  • Various visual impairments such as color blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, & more.

For each type of disability, there is a different set of tools that will enable these people to adapt the site for themselves in the best way possible.

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