Seamless integration is the appeal of any web-application, & accessibility toolsets should be no different, the ability to add our toolsets to your current design & code is why we have made a name for ADA-Accessible, so many benefits without down-side!

Various Integration

The Importance Of An Accessible E-Com Store

20% of the world’s population has some sort of disability. For eCommerce websites, this is a significant customer base with massive revenue potential that you could be missing out on if your website is not accessible.

More importantly, an inaccessible website denies people with disabilities access to basic goods and services, knowledge, and contribution to society.

Simply put, an accessible website will make the world a better place & help you generate revenue that you didn’t access before. 

The Importance Of An Accessible E-Com Store

Just like everybody else, people with disabilities are moving online to do their shopping, people with disabilities make up 20% of the population, having an inaccessible website means you’re missing out on significant revenue.

More importantly, people with disabilities are being blocked from accessing essential goods and services, or even just something to brighten their day.

They’ll leave your site and will most likely not return due to the frustration.

In addition, to lost revenue, failure to comply with the WCAG 2.1 AA can also lead to litigation.

The Importance Of An Accessible E-Com Store

PrestaShop’s default platform is inaccessible.

This means that the base code of a PrestaShop website does not incorporate the accessibility guidelines that would enable a person with disabilities to access a website.

These guidelines, the WCAG, are the most widely adopted standard for web accessibility and have been referred to in accordance with most legislation such as the ADA.

As of now, if someone with a disability wishes to access a PrestaShop website, they will not have an accessibility option to suit their needs.

The Importance Of An Accessible WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open-source website building platform, hosting about 35 – 36% of websites. It’s flexible, versatile, and free to get started, all of which contribute to its popularity. 

But, when it comes to accessibility, WordPress has a long way to go. According to WordPress, the current state of their accessibility is “perfectly capable of being accessible, but it entirely depends on the developer building the site. A poor theme or inaccessible plugins make all the difference.”

When you build a website, you don’t go into it planning to deny access to a certain group of people. In fact, your main goal is to reach as many people as possible or at least deliver an enjoyable experience for those who do want to interact with your website.

Making your website accessible enables access to your content, increases your customer base, and enhances your brand reputation.

The Language Is Not As Important As The Capability to Add Code To Your Current Website’s Back-End

What’s being said here – if you can add a line of code to your site or development, then it should not be a problem…

ADA-Accessible Toolsets require adding a line of code to your site, if your experienced you can do it simply, if not we can help, we want to help, we’re great helpers!