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We want everything to be super simple & fast, so all you have to do is submit our form from your cell, tablet or computer!

DOJ Enforcement & Private Lawsuits Is the locomotive barreling at you "full throttle"

Have you received a compliance or demand letter? Are you worried you might be at risk?
No waiting, seriously send your request & we’ll get to work right away, analyzing your site & send you results, providing a complete snap-shot as to the regulatory accessibility & compliance of your digital assets.
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"FREE" Audit Means...

We all love free things, but what free normally is…

From experience, something free is usually of lower quality, less extensive, tends to break easy, doesn’t look like the picture 😂 LOL, but when we ourselves offer something free, it has actually substance, real value, & it’s not just to get you to submit a form.

*the other companies out there ask you to do your own very basic audit with a tool (to us that’s basically like asking you to sell yourself their stuff…)!

but here is what we know, We know that any investment we’re asked to make is a big decision & if you’re anything like us, we tend to over-think the information….

best advice we can give, don’t over-think this, it’s the law, you are at risk of losing a lot more than you are being asked to invest by us.

Look at the list on the right or if on mobile (below).

And what our “FREE” means…

What happens moment your request hits our system :

Our free involves about 3 to 5 hours of multiple technical risk managers, to complete your report… (And this not even the in-depth report we do with the manual-remediation, that is around 20 to 100s of hours or more of specialized work.) Everything depends upon your website size.

As you can see our free audit actually has muscle behind it, our free is valuable

whatever investment you make here – it’s a simple decision, because we thoroughly inform to make the educated-decision on the investment.

Woo… that was a mouthful 😂 LOL, but you understand what we’re saying & know the value, so go ahead & send your request, so we can get to work on completing your “FREE” Audit.

You need to Know if your content is or is not Accessible compliant?

What’s un-thinkable today, is your inevitable reality tomorrow! Seriously Be pro-active, not re-active to your accessibility & compliance. Don’t make the right decision too late!

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