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"Meet your customers where they are or that's where they meet your competition."

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your business Needs To meet user-experience

accessible for the benefit of people with disabilities

The global disability purchasing market was valued at a ball-park $8.0 trillion USD in 2021, depicting that People With Disabilities (PWDs) control a significant amount in global spending, but are mostly over-looked in the realm of online – main reason businesses are unable to provide service due to lack of accessibility of their web-content.

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World Economists Say "The Sky Is Falling...

Global Recession Is Coming"

  • If you could expand your business & have guaranteed revenue with very little effort & all it takes is $1000 from you, Would You do it?
  • is it better to save money & have less customers or to spend something & have access to global market of customers, should global recession hit?

The Following Is Important ADA Information

helping lead the world to have a solution for all users digital accessibility

After implementing a powerful A.I. accessibility toolset to your website, you’ll want a continued relationship that doesn’t end there, you’ve chosen a committed partner to provide you with the best product & services available, your needs requiring working together professionally & passionately – always with a smile 😊.

here's a 2min. video explaining about accessibility

The video gives explanation on various topics of concern in relation to the “issues of non-compliance” & getting your business legal & accessible to people with disabilities.

TAKE NOTE : the video is example of a compliant-accessible video!

Accessibility Explanation Video

Accessibility Explanation Video

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transcription of ADA Video Explainer

The Supreme court ruled that the American Disability Act (ADA) now also extends to websites. This ruling came after a huge rise in lawsuits of disabled against businesses with websites that were not accessible to them, which businesses need to make their website compliant… Well, everyone, whether you’re a small business, a big business, e-commerce or service provider, whether you have a street facing location, an office, or working from home.

Your site is public facing and as such needs to be compliant, being compliant is not just the law. It’s also better for business. 71% of web users with a disability will simply leave a website that is not accessible to them. According to a report from the U.S. census bureau, 51 million people in the U.S. age 15 and older, have a disability.

19.9 million have difficulty lifting or grasping, impacting the use of a mouse or keyboard and 8.1 million have a visual disability. They might rely on a screen magnifier or a screen reader, or might have a form of colorblindness. The census bureau also reports that 7.6 million have a hearing disability.

They might rely on transcripts and or captions for audio and video media. By making digital content accessible. Your business can reach more customers that you are losing today. So, let’s recap – one, having your website ADA compliant is the law, not meeting it can cost you $75,000 to $150,000 in fines, not including getting privately sued too, two – it’s good for business as you extend your potential customer base & three – let’s face it, it’s also the right thing to do.

If you had a hearing, site or motor disability, you would want websites to be accessible to you as well. But is being ADA compliant expensive, not at all, connect with us today to protect your business and make it accessible to everyone.

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Good news - A.I. learning magic

A.I. (artificial intelligence) machine learning technology does continual magic…

Almost instantly adding the Accessibility Tools to your website, meets a majority of accessibility compliance requirements against WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards.

Question, is peace-of-mind, worth action & investment?

Bad News - Fines of $75k to $150,000 not including settlements, it's reality

Accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites by people with disabilities.

  • DOJ Clarified Websites ARE Places Of Public Accommodation & Should Comply With ADA Title III.
  • US Courts See WCAG 2.1 AA As The Accessibility Standard.
  • ADA Law Requires No Notice Before A Lawsuit Is Filed Against You.

But this isn’t you, because today your solving your problems of inaccessibility & finding a new revenue-resource!

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A world wide population of disabled market opportunities
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State of Accessibility

In 2020, WebAIM analyzed one million home pages for accessibility issues and found the following :

0 %

According to WebAIM Million Report

Home Pages With At Least 1 WCAG Failure

0 %

According to WebAIM Million Report

Average Number of Errors Per Home Page

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it's just a few on the happy compliant client list, the list is long... Because we help mom & pop - small to medium - large to monstrous businesses - you fit absolutely!

Client ADA Compliance

to the journey that never ends

Dedicated to a mission & dedicated to you!

To help you achieve equal access to everyone at an affordable-investment, allowing you to check your accessibility-to-do-task off your list.

The only one to offer a top-level ADA compliant solution that’s backed by a $1,000,000 Warranty!

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Clients & friends see no down-side to compliance

We’re our best review, the development started because various business friends (legal & various professional services), have had ADA accessibility issues & they knew we had taken precautions in prioritizing ADA compliance, even before we had tools, they came & asked for help…

Clear path forward, we started our ADA development project, so you could say, in working with them, lead the way to help you!

Jose Marshel

Online Entrepreneur

Online marketing requires having online properties – websites, ads, e-com, after seeing an article on ADA, I knew we had much liability & risk, I did my research & these guys offered service at a one time fee, instead of an expensive monthly commit, along with continued support, it’s easy decision for me for my business, all business needs this because it’s law, but also for revenue opportunities!


A. Abril

Durable Medical Equipment

Setting up our business has many regulations, guidelines & rules to comply with, meeting ADA compliance in our office space & warehouse, then learning that having a website, it also needed to be ADA compliant, (after spending $1180 on an approved eye-wash station) we worried at cost of a website, but ADA Accessible provided options to have an affordable compliant website.


there is light at the end of the tunnel

we've covered core topics that impact your business where compliance is concerned

In recapping, what are the major take-a-ways… Let’s outline here…

Recap of Compliance Positives :

  • new undiscovered revenue from the global disabled market
  • Protection from government fines & private lawsuits
  • confidence : that we include a $1,000,000 warranty in our all-inclusive service
  • tax benefits aid businesses with ADA-related “eligible access expenditures.”
  • better brand recognition & SEO optimization gets you new clients & helps keep past ones
  • expands your business without additional planning or in-depth work on your part
  • allows you to Provide the best service & product to people with disabilities
  • your getting a dedicated experienced accessibility partner that's continually safe-guarding
  • we & the various toolsets can work with what you currently have
  • a few thousand if that to save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars & possibly more
  • just the right thing to do - list is continuous & always growing...

Recap Negatives of Non-Compliance :

  • everyday fear of is it possible that I & my business will be sued
  • Actions of DOJ result in your starting fines being $75k to $150,000 dollars USD
  • served with a demand-letter for non-compliance
  • losing your court battle & ordered to pay settlement of $50k to $250,000 dollars USD
  • Don't go to court but settle outside of court for $20k to $150,000 USD & up on average
  • you can be sued again & again for the same non-compliance even if in process of fixing
  • not knowing how much money & how many customers you're loosing everyday cause you can't help them
  • in non-compliance the math adds up (+)  :  legal fees (yours + theirs) + Technical Expert Witness + settlements + GOV (fed - State - local) fines + Experienced Web-Developers Fixing Issues + Your time value + Additional Lawsuits + Addon Fines = Big ($$$)+++
  • the hits just keep on coming! that is unless you're...
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